1. I don't receive emails

We make every effort to avoid emails we send being blocked or sent to junk mail folders. We send emails through Amazon SES and add SPF and DKIM checks.
However, we have found that sine companies still prevent our emails. Of this happens to you there are 2 options:
1. Ask your IT department to put macoocoo.com into the whitelist
2. We can give you a forwarding address that will route your email through Google

2. My emails end up in my junk folder.

We can't control the content of the messages typed by our members. Sometimes the content may breach your junk mail threshold. To avoid this you can put macoocoo.com domain into the whitelist of your junk mail filter.

3. Why does it take many minutes before I receive emails or SMS?

We process emails and SMS as fast as we can and with as much parallelisation as reasonably possible. Sometime the number we need to process is quite large. As such you may experience a small delay. We monitor this and will constantly increase our resources to provide you with a reasonable response time.