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About Us

The Singapore Cricket Club Rugby Section is one of 13 sporting sections that belong to the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC). The SCC is Singapore’s premier sports and social club - established in 1852, it is also the oldest and housed in a colonial building steeped with charm and tradition and conveniently located in the heart of Singapore.

Rugby was established in Singapore in the 1880s and the SCC Rugby Section have been at the forefront of rugby development in Singapore ever since. We are one of the largest and oldest rugby clubs in Singapore, if not Asia, and also one of the most successful, having won the national championship and other prestigious international competitions on many occasions.

Team Information

Age Group: Open Mens

Sport : Rugby Sevens



1 Euan Kenworthy
2 Faris Bajandouh
3 James Robertson
4 Chris Hakins
5 Matt Turner
6 Kevin Gibbens
7 Olivier Rey
8 Valu Raturibi
9 Ben Turner
10 Chris Gee
11 Oliver Mardon
11 Nathan Augspurger
  Matt Turner
  Valu Raturibi
  Euan Kenworthy
  Olivier Rey
  Kevin Gibbens